Fundraising for the different football, cheer, dance and band booster teams is always a challenge for schools, and we wanted to find a way to help the Santa Clarita Valley community while bringing the schools together to get excited for the upcoming new school year. The Burrito Bowl has garnered high praise from the superintendent and other school officials and have raised over $100,000 for Santa Clarita Valley high schools since the event began in 2010.   Each year, the schools get excited to kick off the football season with the first game of the year… The Burrito Bowl.

In 2015 the AG and SCV Concierge were presented with a certificate of  recognition by Senator Sharon Runner  and Assemblyman Scott Wilk.  We were commended for donating our time and talent, for community building, and for raising funds for the schools in Santa Clarita Valley.  In 2017 we handed the event over to the non-profit, WiSH Education Foundation to help continue our goal to support the local public schools.  Many of the same committee members remain and support the event year after year.


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